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The website has been updated

We have finally found the time to do a minor update of our website and a big update of the contents. There are two entirely new product pages related to sugar and coffee.
Our faq is updated and the weights and measures page has link to a Excel spreadsheet with the calculations we perform often. Maybe it can be of use to you as well.
Our documents have been updated as well. Please see here: documents

We are working on a completely new website that should be in the air within a few monthts. Until then we hope the updated contents will serve.

Meetings with the government

Our CEO Moacir Vieira de Almeida and COO Pierre A. Larsen were received by the vice-governor of the State of Tocantins, Wanderley Barbosa, to discuss how to implement new projects together with our Chinese associates here in Tocantins.
It is of course of paramount importance to have government support since we are presenting proposals for signicant expansion of industries in the areas of food production, green energy production and manufacture. Also we have proposals related to improving the lives of people in Tocantins.
The vice-governor and secretaries of state showed entusiasm and good will to colaborate with the new ideas.
Our company has a big interest in making business with social impacts, and we are planning to iniciate the projects within a relatively short frame of time.

Company presentation - slideshow

We have a new presentation of Primavera in the form of a slideshow. You can download it as a Microsoft Powerpoint slideshow from under information>documents (section brochures/slides) or you can just click on the picture below
There is also a version in PDF that is smaller.

Slide from the presentation

We have finished planting soybeans

The climate is ideal as usually and we now await the harvest of the first soybeans next month. Right away we will then plant (direct planting) yellow corn for the second harvest. As the soybeans generally add nutrients to the soil, the conditions will be ideal for the corn.

By the way, how many farmers do you know that do not complain about the weather? We can strongly recommend the malcontents to come here to Tocantins.

The soybean is growing well indeed - luminosity and rain is plentiful

Visit to Jalapão

Jalapão is a state park in the eastern part of Tocantins. It is very beautiful with wide open savannah (cerrado), interspersed with small mountains, natural springs, rivers, waterfalls and even dunes. Bathing is wonderful from the river beaches, in the natural springs but exceptionally so at the small waterfalls. The water is warm and crystal clear everywhere.
We drove around for three days in the area. The roads are pretty bad and only tough four wheel drive vehicles like the two Toyota Hilux we brought can pass at low speed. We had to rescue one jeep in the middle of nowhere. You need to bring food and water as there may be hundreds of kilometers for a place with lunch (as we found out).
The people in the region are extremely friendly and helpful in the small cities and villages you find from time to time.

While we were in the area we had a look at of some of the land. The cerrado is quite open in Jalapão and thus good for farming outside the park area. But the distances and lack of good roads means we are not yet seriously interested.

Here are a few pictures. Click on one of them to see the gallery with all the pictures from the trip.

Big waterfall - Cachoeira Velha

Waterfall for bathing - Cachoeira das Formigas



New Primavera Headquarters are delayed

Our new headquarters are delayed due to reasons beyond our control. But we are fairly confident we will move in in February. The building is nearing completion.

New Primavera Headquarters

Around 8 months after opening our current headquarters we are moving again. We are moving into new and much larger headquarters in Palmas. Our administration is growing fast. Also our new facility will include a warehouse for storing products to be used on our farms and farms belonging to associates.
Our facilities will include separate spaces for upper management, accounting, finance, farm management, juridical, shipping, and product distribution.
We will have kitchens, refectory, waiting room and conference rooms. By August the construction is planned to be finished and we will move into the new headquarters, where we look forward to work and receive our customers.

Computer generated view of the front of the building

Computer generated view of the front of the building

Computer generated view of the front of the building

Computer generated view of the front of the building

Our corn is getting ready for harvest

Every year after the soybean harvest we plant corn. Usually in the wake of the soybean harvester comes the tractor with the planter planting corn directly on top of the leftovers of the soybean plant. This is called direct planting (no-till one-pass direct fertilizing and seeding) and is in fact the most efficient method.
We do not plant corn on all of our areas. It depends on a number of factors whether we do or not. On fields where we planted early and/or used a precocious soybean we always plant corn. Well done this will result in a full harvest of corn.
On other fields we will plant the corn late in relation to the ideal time. This will cause a smaller harvest, "safrinha", with a smaller yield. On the remaining areas we will either not plant or plant something else such as millet.

View to one of our corn fields next to farm

Cattle farm and other meat production

We own a small farm of around 500 hectares in the Lajeado area. The Lajeado is a mountain range next to Palmas running along the Tocantins River. It is quite beautiful.

Farm in valley

This farm we are using for the production of meat for our internal consumption in the company. All our farm workers receive meals at the farms. Thus all the farms have kitchens, cooks and refectories. All in all all the meals add up to quite a bit of meat. Our farm in the mountain valley will contain upwards to 1000 heads of cattle to take care of some of our meat supply.


At another much larger farm we are in another small valley constructing a large holding for fish, pigs, goats and sheep. All the meat will be processed there and then shipped to other farms. Once it is finished we will show the picturess on this page.

Inspection trip to three farms

There are a few pictures in our gallery of an inspection trip to some farms by helicopter. As some of our farms are somewhat distant a helicopter is a necessity. Here are the pictures

Our helicopter and our company pilot Mr. Anderson

Morning impressions from one of our farms: "Alo Brasil" ("Hello Brazil")

We are often asked: "How is the weather"? A short answer would be: It will be hot or very hot. Our temperature during the day is always in the thirties (celcius) with August and September beging somewhat the driest and hottest. In summer it rains a bit nearly every day.
But the mornings are nearly always great. It will be cool - in the twenties - and the light is beautiful. Here are a few pictures taken the other day to give you an idea.


New company brochure ready

We have just finished a new folder presenting Primavera. You can see it on the documents page in different formats. It has to be printed and folded to see it well: Folder (PDF)

Open folder - outside

Open folder - inside

Russian client visiting us

We were very happy to be visited by an important Russian client of ours. We all participated in a meeting with the Governor and the Secretary of Agriculture of Tocantins in order to discuss collaboration. Here are the pictures


Client from Malaysia visiting us in Palmas and inspecting farms

We really enjoy receiving visitors and meeting new people. Not only are we proud to show off our work, we are also continually looking for new business. We also strongly believe in face to face meetings. So we are grateful whenever we are contacted. See the pictures here of a trip by helicopter to a few farms of ours: Pictures from the trip

A look from the air of some of our land

Dr. Nizar Sofani visiting soya crushing plant in China

We are traveling visiting clients around the world. China is continuing as a major market for us. See the pictures from a visit to a crushing plant in China here: Pictures of the plant

Soya crushing plant in China

The harvest is on

We are harvesting! Actually for some time now, and it is going very well. We are making very good results this year. The conditions have been perfect.

Visitors from China and a number of Brazilian businessmen

We have recently had a lot of visits. See the pictures here. We had visits from a number of Brazilian Businessmen as well as a group from China.
We enjoyed showing some of our land, presenting Primavera and having a presentation by the government of Tocantins.
We had a busy but very good week. A number of deals were closed.

After presentation of Tocantins by the government

Inspection by helicopter

We inspected some of our land by helicopter. This is a very efficient way of getting around.

On the way from Palmas to some of our Fazendas (farms)

The planting of soya is finished

The planting of soya is finished. Now we will only start planting soya again in November. We hope our clients have reserved the quantities they need for 2014 as sales are going very well indeed. We are sure, concerning our own production, we will be sold out before the first harvest.
So far the soya looks great. We have put up a small gallery where you can see some of the soya at Primavera Fazenda #2 in its juvenile stage.

A soya plant up close, around 15 days old

Weekend in the Brazilian countryside

The company principals, Mr. Moacir Almeida, Dr. Nizar Sofani and Mr. Pierre Larsen, all went to visit two of the oldest Primavera Fazendas (farms) this weekend. We call them Fazenda #1 and Fazenda #2.
A number of new galleries are up documenting our trip here.
It looks promising for the harvest and the future in general.

An early morning picture, view from the Primavera Fazenda #2 guest house

We went to visit Primorskaya Soya in Vladivostok, Russia

Dr. Nizar Sofani, Ms. Irina Duisimibekova and Mr. Pierre Larsen went to visit our russian client Primorskaya in Vladivostok. We were very well received indeed by the company and in particular by Mr. Yuri Popov and Ms. Elena Popova.
The talks concerning future co-operation went really well. From our side we were impressed with everything: Russia, Vladivostok, Primorskaya Soya and all the people.
There is a small gallery documenting our visit here.

Our new main office in Palmas is ready

Our new main office is Palmas is ready. It is centrally located and very modern. We can now receive visitors with more style.

Here is the office from the outside

The planting of Soya for 2014 has started

We are very busy planting for the harvest of 2014. Conditions are excellent and we expect another great year.

Visitors from Russia

Through our representative in Asia, Mr. Patrick Van Surell, we have been in contact for a while with the Russian company, Primorskaya Soya, from Vladivostok. Concerning an order for 2014, the general manager, Mr. Yury Popov, came to Tocantins last weekend.
Traveling with him from Russia was Mrs. Elena Popova. From Bahrein came Ms. Irina Duisimibekova. Joining them in Sao Paulo, before leaving for Palmas, came also our Representative in Asia, Mr. Patrick Van Surell.

The purpose of the visit was to see our production facilities, to meet our Brasilian management and to meet with Tocantins government officials. During the weekend our guests saw a few of our 8 farms including some storage facilities. We offered a typical Brazilian lunch at one farm. All participated in a meeting with the Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. Ruiter Padua. Here is an article (in Brazilian) in a government organ concerning the meeting.

A picture gallery is up here. Look for: "Visit from Russian company, Primorskaya Soya"

Sold out

We have no more produce available before March 2014 as we and our associates are sold out. Soybean meal will only be available again from May 2014. We apologize to all potential clients, as we still receive many requests. To make sure of meeting demand, we urge clients to plan ahead. Only when planting for specific orders, can we guarantee future availability.

We have surpassed the serious problems with the website

Finally the website is up and running again without problems. We managed to introduce corrections for the errors imposed on us by our hosting provider.

More information has been added to the website

The page on soybeans now has more information. The cycle of soybean production is described.
More information has been added to the pages Useful Links and Documents as well

We are on Facebook and Twitter

To go with our new website we also now have presence on Twitter and Facebook. To participate or just for curiosity's sake, on every page on this website you can use the two top left buttons to go to our Facebook page or to see our tweets.

Our new website is up

Our new website is in the air. We are still adjusting and improving. But we are up running. This website is done in HTML5 and CSS3 and it should scale beautifully to just about any device such as desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. This website has been done entirely in-house. And we are proud to present it and hope you will enjoy it.

We are still under construction though - in the following days you will see that more and more pages will come on-line. Until then please have patience with us. If you hit a page that is still not ready then you will get this Obnoxius page. If you want to, we would be really happy to hear your opininion - bad or good - on this website. You can leave your observations by sending a message to us. Use the Contact Us function on the Contacts page. Thank you.